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Bringing magic back to the holidays.

The Bcompact Original Floating Tree is a design marvel that brings a real sense of magic to any space. Elegantly floating above the floor, its double helix spiral gently rotates showcasing all the decorations in full view unlike any other tree.

It's magnificent to look at and it becomes the statement piece in any space. It's open design also allows you to place gifts and objects inside of it, further enhancing its hypnotic elegance.

Prepared to be wowed!

Fold away staircase

Making magic sustainable.

The Bcompact Original Floating Tree is a feat of design which aims not only to bring a whole new type of magic to celebrating the holidays, but it also is designed to usher in a new era for sustainability. Traditionally, millions of trees are harvested every year for the end of year holidays, which comes at a huge cost to our planet. The Floating Tree is made out bamboo, a sustainable material that can replenish the earth when grown.

Folding staircase against wall

Never ending shimmers of joy.

The Bcompact Floating Tree allows you to enjoy and showcase decorations in ways never seen before. You can bring your own decorations and give them a new way to be enjoyed, or you can pair the tree with our own custom designed laser cut Flat - 3D compact Stainless steel & Brass shimmers.

As magical as the tree itself, these shimmers are designed to refract light in a truly magical way. Your tree feels alive and can sparkle with light and colour continuously - all without having to use electricity - achieving another sustainability feat.

Bcompact handrail tube

Designed to last for generations.

Like all of our products, the Bcompact Floating Tree is designed to last. We use high quality bamboo, which has a tensile strength greater the steel. Also like our other products, the Floating Tree exists in two states - It is there when you need it and when you don't it folds away into a single thin and light object that can easily be stored flat or upright in a manner that only takes up a few millimetres of space.

Fast, flat rate shipping around the world*.

We've worked closely with our delivery partner DHL to offer our customers unbelievable shipping rates and delivery times. Customers in select countries can now have their tree shipped for a US$79 / AU$99 flat rate fee from Australia and delivery takes 5 - 8 workings days.

Easy install options

Made with Passion in Australia.

Crafted meticulously at our factory in Tuggerah, NSW Australia, our products are handcrafted with an unwavering commitment to precision and care. Every item undergoes professional design, artful construction, and individual assembly, followed by factory calibration prior to being dispatched to customers across the globe. To obtain a personalized quotation tailored to your needs, just click on the 'Get a quote' button and complete the form. Expect a swift response from us.

"Our goal is to create beautiful, functional, sustainable furniture that can be easily put away when you are not using it."

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