A selection of the most frequently asked questions

Product Information

What is the difference between a Hybrid Stair and a Hybrid Ladder?
Is it compliant with building code regulations for Stairs & Handrails?
What weight capacity can they handle?
What materials are they made from?
What finishes do you offer?
 Is the width customisable for these products?
Are there other security features?
 Is the width customisable for these products?

Product Location Information

Where in my house can these be installed?
Can these products be installed in an Outdoor setting?

Installing and operating our products

Are these products hard to install?
How easy are they to open and close? Could an elderly person do it or does one need more strength?

Purchasing and Delivery Information

Can I see a Hybrid Stair or Ladder before I buy?
Where do you ship to?
What weight capacity can they handle?
How do I get a quote?
How do I order and what does that involve?
What delivery time should I expect?
Return of goods.
What happens if components are missing or the goods have been damaged?
I still have more questions; can I contact you?

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