Compact folding ladder


AUD$950 - $5,500
1.2m (3.9ft) - 3.7m (12ft)
60° - 70°

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Less is more...compact.

The Bcompact folding ladder is the refinement of all the innovation found in the folding staircase. Also part furniture, part art, part engineering masterclass, the folding ladder is an even more compact solution for tighter spaces and leaner budgets. A perfect alternative to attic ladders and smaller staircases for small spaces, the compact folding ladder can be customised to your exact specifications, making it a wonderfully versatile option for almost every need.

Award winning design.

The Bcompact folding ladder lends many of the international award winning core design and engineering cues found in the folding staircase. Whilst the foldable ladder is a compact and robust alternative, it's still a premium grade product which includes many innovative features like the optional fixed handrail which ensures enhanced safety. It can also be customised in multiple stain finishes, making it a fun and gorgeous addition to any space. And just like the foldable staircase, it uses stainless steel, brass and alloy components, no ferrous metals.

Safety: Priority number one.

Safety and reliability are at the core of what we do here at Bcompact. With 15 years of research and development behind us and by utilising premium materials combined with our patented safety features, the folding ladder is designed to withstand a variety of loads and impacts and is a product you can count on.

Easy Install Options

Installing the folding ladder into your space is a breeze thanks to our easy to follow step by step manual and online video installation guide.

You can choose to install yourself, or with your own carpenter. We'll even be happy to have a video call with you before you install, to make sure everything is set up and ready for installation.

Sustainable like no other.

Central to many of our breakthroughs is the aspiration to craft items using materials that possess sustainability and rapid renewability. This impetus led us to employ bamboo in the construction of our products, following 15 years of meticulous refinement. Through a specialized milling and compaction technique, we harnessed bamboo in an entirely novel manner. Exploiting its tensile strength, which surpasses that of steel, we innovatively fashioned items like the folding ladder, while upholding a process as environmentally sound as our creations. Virtually no material goes to waste in our production—each component is precision-cut, and any remnants are diligently gathered and repurposed for other imaginative designs

Fast, flat rate shipping around the world*.

For several years, we've maintained a strong collaboration with our delivery associate, DHL, enabling us to provide our customers with exceptional shipping rates and swift delivery schedules. Anticipate the arrival of your Staircase or Ladder within 8-10 business days from the production date. What's truly remarkable is the affordability: merely $299 for Ladders and $399 for Staircases*. If you reside in the United States, you might even qualify for a duty-free exemption, and we're extending this offer to more countries in the near future. Challenge accepted.

Made with Passion in Australia.

Crafted meticulously at our factory in Tuggerah, NSW Australia, our products are handcrafted with an unwavering commitment to precision and care. Every item undergoes professional design, artful construction, and individual assembly, followed by factory calibration prior to being dispatched to customers across the globe. To obtain a personalized quotation tailored to your needs, just click on the 'Get a quote' button and complete the form. Expect a swift response from us.

"Our goal is to create beautiful, functional, sustainable furniture that can be easily put away when you are not using it."

Compact folding ladder
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