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Step up to the next level.
The Bcompact folding staircase is hard to define. Part furniture, part art, part engineering masterclass. Our patented, award winning design allows you to install a durable, sturdy and beautiful staircase in spaces that often wouldn’t allow for one. It pushes the boundaries and creates new possibilities for what you can do in your home or office, all whilst being enjoyable to use, convenient to have and gorgeous to look at.

Award winning design.

An engineering marvel, the Bcompact foldable staircase, designed for home or office use, boasts a patented mechanism that merges strength with compactness. Its revolutionary lateral folding motion optimizes living space and facilitates movement to different areas within your abode. This design integrates inventive elements, such as the bi-fold handrail, embellished with stainless steel, brass, or alloy hardware accents. Additionally, the staircase offers the choice of an automatic or spring-loaded gate, and even a special finish for outdoor use.

Safety: Priority number one.

At Bcompact, our foundation rests on prioritizing safety and dependability. Drawing from a rich history of 15 years in research and development, we employ top-tier materials and incorporate a patented bi-folding handrail. This meticulous approach guarantees that our foldable staircases possess the strength to endure diverse loads and impacts. You can trust that our foldable staircases, designed for both residential and office spaces, offer a sense of assurance as you use them.

Easy Install Options

Installing the foldable staircase in your area is effortlessly achieved with the aid of our user-friendly, step-by-step manual and instructional installation video.
The choice lies with you – you can opt for self-installation or collaborate with your own carpenter. Moreover, we extend the offer of a pre-installation video call to ensure that everything is well-prepared and primed for the installation process.

Sustainable like no other.

Central to numerous of our pioneering advances resides a commitment to crafting products from materials that exhibit sustainability and swift renewability. This impetus led us, after 15 years of refinement, to harness bamboo for our creations. Through precision milling and customized compaction, we unlocked novel applications for bamboo. Leveraging its tensile strength, surpassing even that of steel, we innovatively produced items like the foldable staircase, all while maintaining an equally sustainable manufacturing process. Virtually waste-free, each component is meticulously cut, and any remnants are meticulously collected and repurposed for other imaginative projects.

Fast, flat rate shipping around the world*.

Over the course of multiple years, our steadfast partnership with DHL has empowered us to offer our customers remarkable shipping rates and expedited delivery timelines. Envision the arrival of your Staircase or Ladder within a span of 8 - 10 business days after production is finished. What truly stands out is the exceptional affordability: just $399 for Ladders and $499 for Staircases*. If you happen to be situated in the United States, you could even be eligible for a duty-free exemption, and we're progressively expanding this offer to encompass additional countries. That's hard to beat!

Made with Passion in Australia.

Crafted meticulously at our factory in Tuggerah, NSW Australia, our products are handcrafted with an unwavering commitment to precision and care. Every item undergoes professional design, artful construction, and individual assembly, followed by factory calibration prior to being dispatched to customers across the globe. To obtain a personalized quotation tailored to your needs, just click on the 'Get a quote' button and complete the form. Expect a swift response from us.

"Our goal is to create beautiful, functional, sustainable furniture that can be easily put away when you are not using it."

Bcompact - folding staircase
folding staircase
Folding stairs
Bcompact folding staircase uses a patented mechanism and design
Using fold away staircase

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