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Marian C. (USA)

Dear Bcompact Team,

I love the ladder!  It has made the often-several-times-daily climb up to my loft so much easier and safer for me.  I feel so fortunate to have encountered this product online after so many years of searching for a practical and aesthetic solution for my situation.  For 2 decades I had been using a 6' wobbly portable step ladder to access the space, which is basically for sleeping and some extra storage.  Thank you for developing this beautifully crafted and well-thought-out solution.  Not only is the product great, but so is your customer service.  Each of the various persons I dealt with in the ordering process was responsive and informative in a timely manner.   I couldn't be happier with the product.  And I love sharing photos with my friends and family, who had often worried about me on that old ladder!

Wishing you much success!


Silvio D. (Italy)

"I'm happy that everything went very well, thank you again for your kindness and professionalism, the result is truly beautiful and functional, thank you Bcompact. "

greetings from Italy!

Karen D. (NSW)

"Amazing form and function from Bcompact design"

Karen (Sanctum Interiors)

Mark G. (USA)

It looks and operates wonderfully! Thank you for such a well engineered and constructed product! - Mark

Jelka L. (Canada)

" I can only say positive things about the new BCOMPACT stairs that we installed in our daughter's walk-in closet. The entire experience of designing the stairs with the Bcompact team was so smooth, thanks to their amazing professionalism. I never felt that I was asking too many questions, wanting to make sure the final product would fit as planned after designing from across the Globe! Organizing the delivery was very smooth as they use a reputable moving Cie. The videos and instructions are very well done. Our handyman took the time to read them all and had no difficulties installing the stairs. He also was very impressed by the quality and beautiful finish of the natural bamboo. No need indeed to stain it. I highly recommend buying products from Bcompact. Do not get trapped into buying copycat products. It was worth every penny. And they deserve to be supported for the amazing product they designed. We all love these ladders/stairs and admire them every day now..."



Andrew Y. (Singapore)

"We really love the Ladder and, as requested, have taken some photos of it in our home. It fits our home perfectly and we are really pleased with it."

Candice O. (Queensland, Australia)

" I love my ladder! It's fabulous!"

Justin L. (United States)

"The ladder looks so great!!! Thanks again for everything, so happy with the ladder!"

Jim H. (Ireland)

"We are delighted with the stairs – We’re getting a huge amount of visitors to the house just to see it and people are everybody is impressed with the its finish design engineering and quality."

Ellen G. (United Kingdom)

"We and everyone who visits absolutely love the ladder. Our builder (who is a carpenter by trade) assembled it… with little issues as far as I’m aware! It is the perfect/only solution that could work for us so it really has been a game changer. The pictures and video say it all!"

Abe L. (Singapore)

"We would like to thank you and your team again. It was an easy and straightforward installation. It is an awesome piece of Art and we are all very impressed. Kids are happy, wifey and family are happy!

Great job team!"

Kate D. (United States)

"The clients are really happy with how the stairs turned out!"

Gary G. (United States)

"Dear Bcompact Team,

Thank you for providing a fantastic and genius solution to access my loft area.  We recently put an addition to our home. After the construction and framing was near completion, we noticed we had a nice loft area available for finishing.  The only problem was how to access the space.  We didn't have room to add a staircase, so we started searching the internet to find a possible solution.  I was reluctantly ready to place an order for ladder that would have to be moved every time to access the space when I found

I quickly realized the Bcompact was the solution to my problem.  However, I was cautious with placing an order with an overseas company that I found on the internet. After several emails and phone calls with their great staff, I placed the order for the folding narrow staircase.  From my first contact with Mirna and continued conversations with Sandra, the Bcompact team was nothing but professional.  When I had technical questions, the founder Zev was on the call to answer them.  Sandra was very helpful to explain how customs works, and everything happened as she said it would. The team was easy to work with and followed up with emails and great documentation to support the installation of the product.

The folding staircase provided a great solution that is a conversation piece every time we have someone in our home.  I highly recommend the product and Bcompact.



Craig L. (United States)

"It looks great. It took Brian about 6 hours to install. But he read and studied it for about an hour. He says he could probably do in half that time now that he knows the product. Thanks again. My wife and I are very pleased with the stairs."

Matthew A. (United States)

"I've had the stairs installed for about a month now and wanted to give some feedback.

The fit and finish of the stairs is overall exceptional and the installation instructions are thorough and well written.

Overall I am very happy with the product and have recommended your company to several of my neighbours with the same build."

Leonie B. (Australia)

"Just love it!!

Makes my life work so much better and I don't need to wait for anyone to help me storing and packing on the mezzanine!

Its so easy to use - looks great-  and is so well designed ergonomically that I feel safe and secure every time I use it.

The hand rail is in exactly the right place for support!

"Plus I LOVE the Bamboo.

Good to know I am supporting  our future on this planet by using a sustainable product and not adding to the destruction of the forests.

Best, Leonie"

Bernadette G. (Australia)

" I’m thrilled with the Bcompact Ladder. It has added so much value and potential to my home. "

Aditi I. (United States)

"Sandra, Zev, Mirna—the Ladder is still being installed (Sandra, it arrived a day early in perfect condition), but I wanted to take a moment and say you are all BRILLIANT. It is absolutely perfect. You made it so easy to assemble (I love the lettered/numbered parts and it was super easy with the video), and it’s just stunning craftsmanship. My contractor is amazingly impressed as well. I will send you photos and all once it’s up; I just wanted to say thanks! I have been trying to solve this problem since I moved here—I am going to throw a rooftop party and tell everyone how fabulous you are as they go up the ladder 🥳



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