The World's Most Sustainable 'Timber'

Building a better world, one panel at a time.

Sustainability is at the forefront of every clever design we bring to life. Our goal is to alter the current dependency on wood forestry in today's world by creating enduring products and solutions the world has never seen before. We have turned to bamboo over the past 11 years and aspire to shine a global spotlight on this amazing product as it is the most environmentally sound, inexpensive and versatile building material in the world today.

Manufactured using Bamboo

1 meter

per day peak growth rate

30 meters

tall after two months

4 years

average harvest time


faster harvest time compared to pine trees


more Co2 capture capability compared to trees


higher tensile strength compared to steel

Bcompact - folding staircase

Why we do, what we do...with bamboo.

Bamboo is a remarkable resource, often overlooked, but nothing short of miraculous. It has a tensile strength stronger than steel and is harder than hardwood. Crucially, it also can capture huge amounts of Co2 when it grows.

Our aim is to reverse the current global trend for careless destruction of forests and bring these and the habitat within, back to life.

We believe, like many in the scientific community, that bamboo holds the key to fighting climate change and we are committed to educating the market about all the wonderful benefits bamboo possesses, with the hope that many businesses and governments encourage both the growth of bamboo to reforest land and the use of bamboo to make the products we use.

Bamboo material

"What if there was something that has the potential to remove many times more Co2 in our atmosphere than we emit every year.

Something that has the potential to bring the whole world to net zero, without relying on corporations, nations or individuals to reduce emissions.

There is something that can do this. It's called Bamboo."

- ZB - Founder of BCompact

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The Floating Christmas tree.

A stunning statement piece built to last generations. Limited Quantities Available.