“During a seven year stop-over in NYC, living in high priced and confined conditions; was where I developed my passion, partly out of necessity, to design furniture and products to help create the best living environment in the least space.                                                                                                                                                  After designing and building many interior structures and various pieces of furniture for friends and associates, I enrolled at Parsons University and completed an extensive Furniture Design History Degree and Construction course, developing my knowledge and abilities.                                                                                           Returning to Australia in 2002, I furthered my studies, now as an Industrial designer, at the Sydney Design Institute and have since  been working in the industry as a freelancer and design professional, until starting my own practice, ‘Bcompact design’ in 2012.” -zb

BG_AboutFlat Iron building Circa 1900 (favorite NYC landmark)

Who we are and what we do…..

        We are a small but seemingly significant, industrial and product design practice with a holistic approach when it comes to innovative, clever and sustainable creations;  with two major ethos at the heart of our being that we adhere to avidly, as our guides to creating better futures for us and all generations to follow.

1-Sustainability.                                                                                    In all its aspects, is at the forefront of the creations we bring to life.  Whether it be the way a product is cut to produce the smallest amount of waste.  Or the ability to be flat packed for ease of storage and transport-Like our Bamboo Sprung Christmas tree , that needs no electricity; a modern and enduring product designed to last decades and alter the thinking of the current Christmas retail industry.                                                                                        To the time it takes to design a piece in the studio, to be fully thought out and resolved, even before any material or prototypes are made or expended in the workshop.                                                                                                                                                          “Through my own trials and tribulations, I found my own answer to the age old question; Form or Function?  And discovered that you cannot truly have either without having both!” –zb                                                                                                                                               Down to the materials we use and support, for their Infinite life spans or their beauty and superior mechanical & environmental properties. Like Bamboo! Used for Millennia throughout Asia, in it’s natural and later, man made forms. It is the only organic building material we have used in this practice since our inception and it is one of our major aspirations to bring this most amazing product into the worldwide spotlight as the most sustainable, environmentally sound, inexpensive & versatile building material that it was always meant to be!                                                                “We do not buy into the disposable, throw away economy! We design works with longevity at the heart of that piece; that are built to last generations, not with in built degeneration’s.” -zb 

2-Compact Living.                                                                                   “After Time;  Space in a metropolis is our most precious commodity”. -zb  The world we live in is getting smaller and far more expensive!  And there is a massive surge now taking place around the world to optimize the way the majority of us all live.                                                                                                                    Downsizing, compacting and Tiny home movements are just a few and  Bcompact design prides itself as being among the forerunners of these changes and has been working with these concepts long before it became a trend!                                                                                                                                                          Being able to adapt your lifestyle to where you live now and how much you earn is becoming more and more necessary and now more accessible to people around the world, by developing creative and innovative solutions to these issues.                                                                                                                                             From furniture that unpacks and disappears, to flat folding chairs and Hybrid stairs.  Products that open areas to your home, into new and usable spaces that you never knew you had; Ideal for growing families, or simply reorganizing your life.                                                                                                                                           “Creating the best living environment in the least space is what we do best.”

          We look forward to assisting you in finding the space you never knew you had!

Bcompact-Sustainable design compact living